Meet the Team

Dan Mahle: I am building a world of fierce loving compassion by living courageously from my vulnerable truth. I’m a writer, speaker, group facilitator, and personal coach – focusing on topics of masculinity, intimacy, creativity, communication and leadership.

I founded Wholehearted Masculine in May, 2014 to help men cultivate lives of passion, purpose, and connection by sharing stories, questioning cultural norms, and exploring the power of healthy vulnerability. I host workshops, retreats, groups, and film screenings, as well as offering personal coaching, public speaking, and business/organizational consulting with Galen and various other collaborators.

I also serve on the Young Warrior Council of the ManKind Project – the largest men’s work organization on Earth. I love exploring the outdoors, singing, dancing, running, hugging, eating delicious food, and bringing great people together.

Connect with me:  @danmahle (twitter & instagram), @facebook/dan.mahle

Galen-6compressed (2)Galen Erickson: I’m a men’s work facilitator, writer, and relationship coach. I am committed to dismantling toxic masculinity and creating a culture of empowered, compassionate manhood.

I help men get in touch with their truth, and get rid of anxiety, self-doubt, and other things that keep them from living the passionate, abundant life that they most want.

I learn through failure and feel deep gratitude for my community, my mentors, my friends who help me be a better man so that I can support others in doing the same.

For more information check out my personal coaching website.

Connect with me: @vivelegalen (twitter),


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