Meet the Team

Dan MahleDan Mahle: I am building a world of fierce loving compassion by living courageously from my vulnerable truth. I’m a writer, speaker, group facilitator, and personal coach – focusing on topics of masculinity, intimacy, creativity, communication and leadership.

I founded Wholehearted Masculine in May, 2014 to help men cultivate lives of passion, purpose, and connection by sharing stories, questioning cultural norms, and exploring the power of healthy vulnerability. I host workshops, retreats, groups, and film screenings, as well as offering personal coaching, public speaking, and business/organizational consulting with Galen and various other collaborators.

I also serve on the Young Warrior Council of the ManKind Project – the largest men’s work organization on Earth. I love exploring the outdoors, singing, dancing, running, hugging, eating delicious food, and bringing great people together.

Connect with me: [email protected] (twitter & instagram),[email protected]/dan.mahle

France photoGalen Erickson: I was first introduced to Men’s work in the fall of 2009 as part of a pivotal life discovery process.  Since then I dove in, head first. I attended workshops, hosted workshops, read all that I could find and wrote what I had to share.  When I met Dan, I knew I had found a colleague.  Working on Wholehearted Masculine continues to be a life enriching process for me as I share my journey and help others where I can.

My focus tends to be on intimate relationships.  I believe that how I relate to the women in my life is a reflection of how I hold my own inner feminine.  Thus, my work tends to focus on finding more authentic, abundant connection through self integration.

When I’m not working on Wholehearted Masculine projects, or taking care of my day-job in the tech industry, I enjoy racing my bike, playing guitar, laughing, and cooking (then eating) good food.

Connect with me: @vivelegalen (twitter),


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