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Embracing Emotions: Showing Up Instead Of Shutting Down

I still remember the exact day. November 14th, 2015. Two friends and I had just finished co-leading a men’s training in the mountains above LA. We had spent the weekend device-free, exploring healthy masculinity with a large group of men.  That morning, my friends and I drove down the mountain, sharing stories and laughing loudly […]

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Getting Real: Talking About Pornography & Sexuality with Middle School Boys

I was recently invited to facilitate a discussion about pornography and sexuality with a classroom full of 7th grade boys. With this being such an important and rarely-addressed topic for boys at this formative age, I was happy to say yes. Research shows that 73 percent of youth (93% of boys and 62% of girls) […]

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Beauty in the Breakdown: How a Bike Accident Cracked Open my Heart

A Single Fateful Moment 6:44am – Jan 21st, 2015: Bicycle wheels slice through humid air in the quiet pre-dawn darkness, as I glide down the winding pavement road. Car lights illuminate the faintly falling rain, as the drivers rush past. Loud waves of speeding light dissipate into darkness, as my tired eyes strain to re-focus […]

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Sacred Masculinity: Learning To Live My Truth As A Wholehearted Man

For many years, I was ashamed of my masculinity. I was deeply disturbed by all the aggression, misogyny, and violence that I saw being perpetrated by men – across many different cultures. It seemed that being a “real man” meant being a violent, angry asshole. And that’s not who I wanted to be, so I […]

Collective Destiny: Poem by Dan Mahle

I don’t know what it’s like to be anyone but me           But I can’t truly know myself until everyone is free I didn’t build this culture of injustice and bigotry          But I receive the benefits of systemic inequitySo many folks preach the post-racial philosophy          […]