About Wholehearted Masculine

The Rise Of Wholehearted Men

Guiding Inquiry

What does it mean to be a wholehearted man in the world today?


To activate and support the rise of wholehearted men by sharing stories, questioning cultural norms, and exploring the power of healthy vulnerability.


We co-create a world of fierce love, connection, and authenticity by living courageously from our vulnerable truths.

The Rise Of Wholehearted Men

About Wholehearted Masculine


Our society teaches men to bottle up our emotions, to abandon intimacy and connection in order to avoid looking weak, and to pursue status and power over others in an attempt to affirm our self-worth. Stripped of the ability to express feelings in healthy and authentic ways, our fears drive us to become numb to the raw power, beauty and sensuality of existence. This deep disconnectedness often leads to destructive behaviors such as violence, addiction, and a need for control. What most men truly want is to feel loved, connected and alive – and yet far too often we allow our shame to keep us distant, detached, and depressed.


Today, men all around the world are co-creating a new story of masculinity and discovering who we truly are by exploring the power of healthy vulnerability. We are actively working to heal our wounds from the old story of masculinity that has left many of us emotionally shut down, sensually deprived, and too ashamed to discover our true power and purpose in the world. We are leaning into our fears and celebrating our failures as we discover what it means to live a life of deep connection, purpose and fulfillment – as wholehearted men. We are redefining what it means to be a man in the 21st century, starting from within our own hearts. Join us.

Working Definitions

Wholehearted Masculinity: An expression of masculinity that is no longer robbed of its vital energy through toxic shame, emotional numbness, and lack of true purpose. A masculinity that actively cultivates empathy, authenticity, intimacy, and connection every day.

Healthy Vulnerability: An openness to facing old fears, taking emotional risks, and trying new things on the path of wholehearted living.

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July 05 2017

A Bad Person

Bad person narrow

By Galen Erickson I was screaming at the top of my lungs, back flat on the floor with three close friends holding me down as the rage poured out of me.  Another friend was pounding rhythmically on a Native American Read More

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