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Beauty in the Breakdown: How a Bike Accident Cracked Open my Heart

A Single Fateful Moment 6:44am – Jan 21st, 2015: Bicycle wheels slice through humid air in the quiet pre-dawn darkness, as I glide down the winding pavement road. Car lights illuminate the faintly falling rain, as the drivers rush past. Loud waves of speeding light dissipate into darkness, as my tired eyes strain to re-focus […]

My Vulnerable Truth: Exploring Masculinity Beneath the Mask

I’ve spent most of my life with a mask on. It’s painful to admit, but it’s true. I’ve worn the mask of numbness in an attempt to protect myself from rejection and disappointment; I’ve worn the mask of superficial satire in an attempt to find belonging with my peers; and I’ve worn the mask of […]

Collective Destiny: Poem by Dan Mahle

[stag_video src=”http://youtu.be/Pal_VOARFw0″] I don’t know what it’s like to be anyone but me           But I can’t truly know myself until everyone is free I didn’t build this culture of injustice and bigotry          But I receive the benefits of systemic inequitySo many folks preach the post-racial philosophy      […]

Embrace Your Fear: 5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Stop Playing Small

I always wanted to belong; to feel connected, feel loved, feel alive. I wanted people to like me, to respect me, to recognize my contribution in the world. I wanted to do something worth remembering, to create something beautiful, to help heal the suffering. I wanted my life to matter. But I was afraid. I […]

Confronting My Privilege: The Path to Radical Self-Awareness

As a man who is committed to personal growth, interpersonal healing, and systemic change, I am constantly trying to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness. I believe that the only way to truly be of service to others is to know myself deeply and to practice living and acting with integrity. Walking the path of radical […]